Duration - Six Weeks

Professor- Heidi Catherine Østergaard

Fourth Year


Located on a prominent historical site in the Copenhagen Harbor, the assignment was to create an extension of the existing education hub that includes the Royal Danish Institute of Architecture. With the fashion institute outgrowing its existing building and the Copenhagen Fashion Industry becoming the fifth largest in the world, the city requires a new center to locate all aspects of fashion. The program included a fashion school (which included work labs, printing and dying labs, and a cafe), a fashion museum (to showcase current Danish fashion trends to the public), and the fashion institute (which houses the office of Copenhagen Fashion Week). The project generates a dialogue between the three different user types (students, the public, and professionals) and therefore creates a creativity network that benefits everyone. Unique for its circulation and shared spaces, the Copenhagen Fashion Collective is a new type of campus which intertwines the different programatic elements in an effort to enhance the experience for everyone.